I am a detail-oriented ecommerce leader with in-depth experience in digital marketing and web analytics consisting of nearly 15 years of leadership in assertive, data-driven digital projects.

Lets speak geek

Always up for a coffee chat
Being new to Toronto, I'm interested in networking and finding like-minded professionals in the digital space.

My Day

Work and Travel
I work full time as VP Digital consultant for a large retailer. I travel quite often and try to attend and speak at relevant conferences and functions when I can.



- Digital Strategy 
- Thought Leadership 
- Web Analytics 
- Search Engine Optimization 
- Social Media Marketing
- Speaking Engagements
- Attribution Modelling 
- Search Engine Marketing
- Email Marketing 
- Reputation Management
- Channel Optimization 
- UX & Conversion Optimization 
- Affiliate Marketing 
- Influencer Strategy 
- Omni Channel Strategy 
- Meta Search Optimization 
- Emerging Media 
- Mobile eCommerce
- A/B & Multivariate Testing 
- Content Marketing 



I am currently active in speaking engagements and partnerships.

My last speaking engagement was at the World eCommerce Summit in Berlin, Germany in February 15-16, 2016

References & Experience

Throughout my career...
I have had the privilege of working with some of the best and brightest leadership across the digital landscape on large scale digital and marketing projects.

Testing & Experiments

Constantly testing everything
Split test. Learn. Optimize. Repeat. My ambition is to evolve evergreen campaigns into achieving the highest conversion rate possible. Have an idea? Lets chat.