About Me

Career Biography

Throughout my career I have had the privilege of working with world class leadership and leading some of the best and brightest team members.


I have 15 years experience with digital and ecommerce management - split across agency and in-house leadership roles - leading and developing teams as large as 100 members and as intimate as 4 members, operating at high levels of efficiency, managing large budgets (8-figures) and high expectations.

My experience in developing comprehensive online strategies includes omni-channel optimization and attribution modelling development, international and multi-lingual campaigns managed across various offices, as well as reporting to the ELT level for many years.

My core focus is customer acquisition and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) modelling, identifying associated costs and ROI across the many inroads to every website (organic search, paid search, social media channels, email, affiliate, etc).

I develop customer lifetime value analysis models (LTV), married to the CPA models to identify expenditure thresholds and find breakeven points in customer acquisition – in other words, exactly how much to spend - by channel - that makes the most ROI.

I have been responsible for driving acquisition, conquesting and prospecting campaigns, as well as promoting self-serve and user-friendly UX and retention for international brands in the travel, automotive, finance and retail sectors, helping to find new markets and punch above their weight class.

I work with enterprise tool sets to develop an evolving repertoire of vetted documents around digital audits, search-trend analysis, audience engagement and online market share research, as well as insights into user signals to assess campaign traction and site engagement.

I am well versed in presenting and reporting to all levels I actively speak at conferences and events worldwide, remaining cognizant of the technical nature of each topic, and tailoring pertinent information for the varied audiences at hand.



Recent Experience


Sears Canada

Div Vice President, Digital


Four Seasons

Director, Global eCommerce


Critical Mass

Director, SEO


WestJet Airlines

SEO/SEM Lead, Digital Advisor