About Me

Career Biography

Throughout my career I have had the privilege of working with some of the best and brightest leadership across the digital landscape on large scale digital and marketing projects.


I am a detail-oriented leader with in-depth experience in digital marketing and web analytics which consists of over 10 years experience in assertive, data-driven digital projects and SEO/SEM campaigns, combined with 6 years of comprehensive web analytics management and a thorough understanding of the mobile marketplace and emerging medias.

My business acumen has made me very familiar with the latest trends and technologies for successful digital, analytical and marketing projects. Being involved with many online mediums, devices and platforms since their infancy, I have developed a detailed understanding of each unique architecture, growing my skill set and knowledge as the services, devices and platforms have grown themselves.

I provide comprehensive digital strategy around search engine optimization and search engine marketing, maximizing qualified leads to the website, landing page optimization, assisting with UX and conversion optimization through A/B split & multivariate testing, as well as providing insight into channel mix allocation through web analytics and attribution modelling analysis.



Recent Experience


Four Seasons

Director, Global eCommerce


Critical Mass

Director, SEO


WestJet Airlines

SEO/SEM Lead, Digital Advisor