Rapid Adoption Rates in Today’s Digital Economy

Measuring the right balance in your time to market

The right product hits today's digital market place like wildfire. Tinder. Snapchat. Pokemon Go! While this sort of rapid adoption rate is unprecedented and truly never quite expected, it's not uncommon for an app to get 50,000 to 500,000 downloads in a matter of weeks or even days and not make much of a wave at all. But can apps and mobile sites of this magnitude be supported?

When deciding exactly when to go to market with your product or app, there are a couple key things to consider.

Forgiveness Factor

This one is a balance of being present and being relevant when the opportunity arises, however not striving for perfect. As long as it is not irresponsible, does not hurt anybody or violate privacy laws, more often than not you are safe to go to market and make any "nice to have's" fast-follows.

As You Grow, You Slow

Digital test and learn initiatives are relatively inexpensive, at least by comparison to any OOH and traditional marketing counterparts. While apps and mobile sites can be nimble and subtle updates and changes can be rolled out - this gets much more tedious with a global or multilingual presence.

When you have to consult with your Americas, APAC and EMEA presence and reach a consensus, the ability to scale to match demand can slow considerably for both website and app. It is best to continually run a small set of tests to be able to accurately decide exactly what should roll out and when.

Identify your forgiveness factor and create a process for your speed to market and ability to update. Test, learn, implement, repeat.

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