It’s rare that you come across standout talent and leader like Mike. I had the pleasure of working with Mike for just under two years at Critical Mass, collaborating on several campaigns across a variety of client groups. I was particularly impressed by Mike's ability to continually drive business forward by enabling the success of his internal team —and how effortlessly this came to him. That skill often takes years to develop among digital marketing managers, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to Mike. No matter how tense a campaign, project or task, Mike made sure his team was enabled with the tools to succeed and given the opportunity or platform to grow their skills. Any organization would be lucky to have Mike as a leader within it.

Chris Kerr, Senior Search Strategist - Critical Mass

I had the pleasure of working with Mike while we were both at WestJet. Mike is extremely talented in the Digital Marketing space (as well as a thought leader) and delivered an immense amount of value to our overall Digital Strategy. Mike was also critical in helping us create an amazing culture that still exists today.

Manoj Jasra, Head of Digital - WestJet

Mike is a true SEO strategist. His knowledge and expertise in the space allowed for many wins in a short amount of time at WestJet. He was instrumental in not only raising the awareness of SEO within the organization, but for the digital team as a whole. Mike is tenacious, personable, and talented - he would be an asset on any team.

Jennifer Ishiguro, Director, Digital - Shaw Communications

Mike is an extraordinary digital marketer. He has a great balance of strategy, implementation and comprehensive measurement approach. He just get it. Definitely one to watch in this space.

Darren Moffett, Director - Rank Group