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Success is the Sum of Your Efforts

I have that written on my office wall, and I truly believe it. Success is the sum aggregate of all the little things you do each day that progresses you forward toward a larger goal. Goal setting is important - paramount, even. But stretch goals over the course of a calendar year can often feel…
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Rapid Adoption Rates in Today’s Digital Economy

Be Prepared, Be Responsive, Be Scalable As a numbers-guy, this is one of my favorite topics to speak on. It may be noted as "a good problem to have", but once your website (/app) gains traction and mass adoption - are you ready? If your website (/app where applicable throughout) is not responsive - in…
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Defining True Digital Success

Success looks differently for everybody. Success in today's digital environment should be based largely around analytics - the data. It is no longer "digital marketing", rather simply marketing in a digital world. The agility of today's tools and platforms combined with the intelligence of analytical tools eliminates most of the guess work when determining what…
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Evolving SERPs Increasing Need to Bid on Brand

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