Goals: Macro v Micro

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

How many people have made a New Year's Resolution? How many people have broken a New Years Resolution?

In my opinion, New Years Resolutions are junk. I'm not saying you shouldn't have a long term goal, but you need interim goals.

If you want to lose 50lbs from January to December, and you look at the scale in April and you still have 49lbs to go but you're a third way through the year - what does that do for your motivation?

You'll likely say "This is never going to work; this is stupid!" You'll likely feel upset and stressed... and what do you do when you're upset and stressed? You eat!

"How to lose 50lbs" is kind of garbage and very much like "How do you eat an elephant?" Well, one bite at a time.

Instead of having a macro goal of the finish line; plan on how you're going to get there.
Monthly targets, weekly targets are great and can work. But go deeper. Think daily goals; hourly goals.

Is it more realistic to say "I'm going to lose 15lbs this month" or "I'm going to drink this litre of water before lunchtime?" or "I'm going to do 10 pushups before bedtime?" Plan the micro to achieve the macro. The same applies in business.

Too often the focus is on the annual achievement; annual bonus and incentive plans.
Not often enough is the focus on wasting less time in the day on menial tasks and emails, or wasting less time each week in mundane, routine meetings.

Plan what to avoid with as much vigilance as you plan what to do and what to attend. This is how the micro gets done and how the macro is achieved.

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