Rapid Adoption Rates in Today’s Digital Economy

Be Prepared, Be Responsive, Be Scalable

As a numbers-guy, this is one of my favorite topics to speak on.
It may be noted as "a good problem to have", but once your website (/app) gains traction and mass adoption - are you ready?

If your website (/app where applicable throughout) is not responsive - in other words viewable or "available" on every smart phone, tablet, laptop, browser, OS, etc... - you are likely setting yourself up for failure.

Given the massive increase in device adoption in the last decade or so, families went from a "home computer" - a traditional desktop sitting in the basement or home office that was a shared station for everyone - to roughly 2.5 devices per person in 2018. Smartphones in every pocket, tablets in most homes (often more than one), laptops and even still some desktops kicking around.

With this huge uptick in devices comes a huge uptick in users across various websites and many more downloads of apps.

A chart I have used as a visual to assist can be found atop of this post (credit in watermark in bottom right of image @gkofiannan).

Basically, it took radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners. It took television 13 years to do the same. It even took Facebook 3.5 years to amass 50 million accounts. At the very bottom - Angry Birds took 35 days.

An argument can be made that when radio was born it was not originally mass-produced, it was cost-prohibitive for many, and it was rolled out to a significantly lower population. All that aside, it does not change the fact that today nearly everybody over the age of 10 has a smart phone and the ability to download and use apps or view websites on a dedicated device.

  • Your website needs to be scalable, responsive and optimized.
  • Your URL structure needs to be detailed with the proper nomenclature and taxonomy.
  • If your website is for a global audience, the correct country code and language syntax should be implemented.

A good rule of thumb is to find industry leaders such as Google, Amazon, Dell - see how they have set up the above three points.

When the goal is to appeal to a global audience, ensure you are in fact scalable at a global level.

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