Success is the Sum of Your Efforts

I have that written on my office wall, and I truly believe it. Success is the sum aggregate of all the little things you do each day that progresses you forward toward a larger goal.

Goal setting is important - paramount, even. But stretch goals over the course of a calendar year can often feel insurmountable. Too often in the first half of the year it feels like there is still so much time left to start working toward your goal that it only serves to fuel procrastination.

I'm not suggesting not to have an annual goal, rather, have interim goals that get to you your annual goal. Set monthly, weekly & daily goals - personally or professionally. You'll reach your goal one step at a time.

It was actually a line from Oprah that has resonated with me for years: "Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment." It makes logical sense. It's my number one go-to in the fight against procrastination. Whether it's housecleaning on a Saturday or slide one in a fifty-slide presentation - putting in the effort right now puts you in your best possible position later.

It's a matter of getting things out of the way. In my experience, when tackling a large project, it's the hundred little things that are required at the start that can feel overwhelming enough to want to delay pushing such small, yet mandatory items out first.

How I have learned to combat this is by simply starting. Just start. Something. Put pen to paper and start. Keep a notebook handy at all times; be it an app or voice recorder in your vehicle, or physical pen and paper in the office, bathroom or on the nightstand - constantly collect your thoughts and just start. I have Evernote on all my devices and an old school notepad with a pen on my nightstand. I have literally written down a thought in the dark at 3am and was pleasantly surprised at its legibility the following morning in the daylight.

Adopt this worth ethic for just two weeks and watch procrastination begin to fade away. You'll thank yourself for it later.

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